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The ancient Taoist practices of CNT, Acupressure and Qi-gong, have been very inspiring to my own healing and spiritual evolution, and provide a foundation for the SoulGate Healing methods.
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Synergistic Massage – Soulgate Healing
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Synergistic Massage

Soulgate Healing / Synergistic Massage

We are so blessed to be living in a time when, both, Eastern & Western healing modalities are available to us. The Synergistic Massage Integrates both Easter & Western healing methods to restore the harmonious flow of life with in. It combines the nurturing Western oil massage with the therapeutic benefits of Asian bodywork methods. It Synergizes them together in a unified modality, which allows us to benefit from the different gifts each of them has to offer:

What is the difference between Western and Eastern Healing modalities?


The Western Approach to Healing tends to focus on Treating  Symptoms.

The Eastern Approach focuses on Balance, and Harmonious Integration of the body as a Whole.


The Western Oil Massage focuses on the Physical Body. It addresses symptoms of pains, aches or tightness in the muscles & Joints; Increases the flow of the Lymphatic system and improves Blood circulation. This is a very beneficial modality to Release tension, Boost the Immune system help Injuries, discomfort & Pains in physical tissues.

The Eastern- Asian modality provides us the wisdom of the Energetic Body, which includes the Emotions; The Mind – with our thoughts patterns, beliefs and attitudes – As well as the pure Essence of our Qi vibrations – The life force itself.  The Asian Practices are done with clothes on. No Oil. We apply the knowledge of the Energetic Vessels – known as  Meridians –  As well as Hundreds of Therapeutic Pressure points, designed to balance the Qi – the Electro/Magnetic flow of life within.


What inspired me to develop the Synergistic Massage and what is the benefit of this merge?


Each one of these modalities has its unique Value. However, in the training of therapists and in most practices the two are often kept separately. It becomes a point of confusion. In my own training it was. Plus, we may be missing out some of the benefits when applying just one. Over the years, working with clients & students I found ways to combine/Synergize the two, as I realized the gifts of both, and the Power of their merge. With the Synergistic Massage, we can enjoy the Nurturing aspect of the Western oil Massage as we deeply relax under the covers and be pampered with the soothing strokes of the oil treatment. We can also gain the Energetic Benefits of the Eastern techniques; The Therapeutic Pressure Points that balance Body-Mind –Spirit and provide Healing beyond the physical body.

The Synergistic Massage Protocol divided into Three sections:


The “back-bones” are the foundation for our emotional support system. The Synergistic methods of the Back Massage incorporate the Bladder (Shu) Alarm points as a tool for both: Assessment and Treatment.  The Assessment provides Insights regarding the conditions of the Internal Organs and their affect on the back. It helps us understand the origin and reason of various back pains.  The synergistic techniques aim to release Physical, Emotional and Energetic blockages associated with the Internal Organs As we work with their corresponding Acupressure Alarm points.

The Arms & Legs are the Landscape of the 12 meridians. When our Qi flows freely with-in the meridians, we are empowered to utilize our extremities to move forward, grow and create a meaningful life purpose. This Massage helps us to release energetic blocks, which restrict our flow of Qi and limit our health and expansion. The Meridian massage incorporates about 50 Therapeutic pressure points & powerful points combinations. It design to free the Qi flow, energize the entire body and restore overall well being.

The front-upper body is considered the most vulnerable part. The locations of the internal organs are in the abdomen region and the chest – the areas in which we manufacture and maintain life. Therefore, very commonly, we hold pain, fears and survival tension in these areas.   The focus of this section of the massage is to Nurture the Life-Giving Systems of the body; Release tension; Energize the Senses and increase vitality.