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The ancient Taoist practices of CNT, Acupressure and Qi-gong, have been very inspiring to my own healing and spiritual evolution, and provide a foundation for the SoulGate Healing methods.
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About – Soulgate Healing
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What Is SoulGate Healing?

Working on the backSoulGate Healing is the art of transforming stress, pain and negativity into vital force of creativity.

It is a potent method of balancing the energetic vibrations in the internal organs as well as harmonizing the emotions and thoughts.

This unique holistic approach integrates multi-cultural wisdoms from the ancient healing Tao to the valuable knowledge of modern psychology. Such as:

According to the oriental medical discipline of the healing Tao, the physiology of the soul resides within the internal organs as they contain the very essence of our life force.

Within the human body, life force energy is built layer upon layer of electro-magnetic vibrations. The thick vibrations at the surface layers create physical tissues such as skin, muscles, bones, nerves, etc. The light vibrations at the deeper layers create the substances of emotions, thought processes and the spiritual evolution of the soul. The internal organs embody these vibrations, and unify them as a whole.

Our total health and well-being depend on the harmonious function of the internal organs.

How Does It Work?

Revealing the Secrets your Navel can tell…

The physical gate of the soul is the navel, as it is the pre-natal pathway of nourishment and purity.

Through the Navel the internal organs are created as containers of the life force (Qi). The Umbilicus Cord bridges them together as whole.

All the main branches of the nervous system, the blood vessels, the lymph glands and the energetic channels—known as meridians—cross paths in the abdominal region.

The navel is their original energetic control center and therefore reflects the overall health of the body and the soul.

Evaluating the Navel’s shape may reveal a “soul chart” (similar to an astrological chart) with much insight regarding one’s well-being and spiritual transformation.

The Navel’s rim and inner lines point to the direction of specific organs and Reflect their condition.

A strong line may indicate a pull which expresses a disharmony within the organ’s layers.

These disharmonies present Physical or Emotional challenges. Therefore the Navel pulls may reflect an original choice to evolve through facing and overcoming specific physical or emotional challenges, as a path for Transformation.